Allowing Customers to Return Items Using Their Own Shipping Method

Allow customers to return items to you using their own shipping method

Customers can return items using their own preferred shipping label provider

With ReturnZap, you can allow customers to return items to you by shipping themselves using the carrier of their choice.

This provides your customers the greatest flexibility when returning items. Many ReturnZap customers choose to use this option when offering returns internationally.

Enabling the self-ship option via global settings

Self-ship return labels are enabled by default within ReturnZap. You can toggle this functionality on or off by navigating to Settings > Shipping and Return Labels > Return Label Options and selecting enable or disable. 

Be sure to hit save before exiting the page. 

Customizing prepaid label eligibility via ReturnZap rules

Do you want all of your customers to be able to access self-ship return options? Great, no other configuration is required. You will have the option to generate a self-ship RMA via an admin initiated return, or your customers can do the same via the ReturnZap self service returns portal.

But if you want to limit self-ship return options to certain customer segments or specific products or types of returns, you can do this via the ReturnZap rules engine.

Learn more about configuring rules via ReturnZap.

Generating RMAs for self-ship customers

ReturnZap will generate an RMA number and an RMA form for customers who choose to ship items back to you using the carrier of their choice.

The RMA form will include important order details to help with return processing, and will also include the return address for the return.

Create Shopify RMA Form
You can provide RMAs and return instructions to customers using the self-ship option

Self-ship FAQs

Can customers upload tracking numbers for self ship returns?

At this time ReturnZap does not support customer-uploaded tracking numbers for self-ship returns. You can always ask your customer to provide tracking information via email or a support ticket.

I have multiple warehouses where I accept returns. Will return logic still apply to self-shipped returns?

Yes, return routing rules still apply to self-shipped returns. The proper return shipping address will populate on the return shipping instructions page.

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