Configuring Approval Workflows

ReturnZap Default Approval Status

By default, ReturnZap automatically approves new return requests and creates an RMA and a return shipping label, if applicable.Once submitted, new returns are automatically placed into the "Waiting for Return" workflow status.However, some Shopify sellers may wish to review all return requests as they come in and approve or deny them. This is where the ReturnZap approvals workflow comes in.

Enabling Approvals In ReturnZap

To enable the approval workflow, navigate to Settings > Workflow and Approvals and click "Configure your workflow"

Workflow and approvals Shopify app settings

Scroll down to the section labeled "Approval Workflow" and click to enable approval based workflows. Be sure to click save at the top of the page.

Enable ReturnZap approval workflow

Approvals will now be enabled in ReturnZap. This means that you'll now be able to globally require approval, or set specific conditions that will require approval by using rules.You'll notice that the workflow stages visible on the Workflow settings page have now updated to reflect the fact that some returns may require approval.

Approvals and Workflow Stages

When approvals are disabled, the default workflow stage (or status) of a new return is called "Waiting for Return". This is the stage that a new return is put into once an RMA is created and a shipping label has been generated, if applicable.You have the option to add custom workflow stages that fit your returns process, but "Waiting for Return" is asystem stage that cannot be removed, although it can be renamed.When approval workflows are enabled, 3 new system stages are added to ReturnZap. These are:

  1. Pending Approval
  2. Approved
  3. Not Approved

Shopify returns approval app

All system stages can be renamed, but they cannot be deleted because they are required for app functionality.Pending Approval - The new default workflow stage for a new return created that requires approvalApproved - The workflow stage used when a specific return has been created. Once a return has been marked as Approved, ReturnZap will generate an RMA and a return shipping label, if applicable. You can set up a custom notification in Settings > Notifications to automatically send this to your customer.Not Approved - The workflow stage to use when a return is rejected. Again, language can be customized in Settings > Notifications.Waiting for Return - This continues to be the default status for returns that do not require approval. In other words, returns in this stage have been automatically approved. ReturnZap will generate an RMA and a return label, if applicable, for these orders.

Requiring Approval For All Returns

The simplest approach to return approval is to require admin approval for all returns created via ReturnZap. This can be enabled by clicking the checkbox marked "Require approval for all returns"

Note that exceptions to this global approval requirement can be configured via ReturnZap rules.

Configuring Approval Requirements Via Rules

If you only wish to require approval for returns under certain circumstances, you can use ReturnZap used to define these conditions.Once you have enabled approval based workflows, leave the box "Require approval for all returns" unchecked.You can then define conditions where approval is required by using the "Require return approval" action when creating a new rule.

Rules require approval

What Your Customers Will See

When a customer initiates a return that requires approval, either because of a global approval requirement or because their return meets a rule that requires approval, they will see messaging that indicates approval is required before they submit their return.Customers will see an alert that the return requires approval, and the button text will change to read "Submit Return For Approval."

You can keep your customers updated on progress for each stage of the return approval process by updating your notification templates in Settings > Notifications. Each workflow stage will have its own dedicated template which you can enable and edit.

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