Configuring box dimensions in ReturnZap

Using accurate box dimensions can be critical to reducing shipping expense and ensuring the most accurate shipping rates.

ReturnZap provides several ways to make sure you are using the most accurate package dimensions possible for your return shipments.

Why configure box dimensions in ReturnZap

Impact on shipping rates

Many shipping carriers determine shipping rates based on package dimensions and overall weight. Setting correct dimensions upfront helps to establish an accurate shipping rate and avoid surcharges and surprises when bills are received.

Different carriers may also have different maximum dimensions. By setting proper package dimensions upfront, ReturnZap can filter through available shipping methods to select the appropriate carrier for each return.

Shopify limitations

Shopify sellers can define package dimensions in Shopify. However, Shopify unfortunately does not make these package dimensions available to 3rd party apps like ReturnZap.

We are not able to access the dimensions of the package used on the original fulfillment, so we cannot use them as the basis for returns dimensions.

This means that a separate set of packages needs to be defined in ReturnZap to set accurate rates.

Read more about defining package dimensions in Shopify here.

Three options to configure dimensions in ReturnZap

Method 1: Leaving package type blank in ReturnZap

If no package types are defined in ReturnZap, then we will use an average set of dimensions in order to satisfy carrier requirements.

This may lead to underestimated or overestimated shipping rates, so ReturnZap recommends defining at least one package type to be used as a default.

Default package dimensions used if no package type is defined:

Length: 20 inches

Width: 20 inches

Height: 4 inches

Method 2: Defining one or more box types

To add a new package type in ReturnZap, navigate to Settings > Shipping > Packages.

If only one package type is added, ReturnZap will use this as the default for all shipments. Customers will not be prompted to select from multiple package sizes when initiating a return.

If two or more package types are added, customers will be prompted to select the appropriate packaging during the returns process. ReturnZap will use the selected package dimensions when initiating the return shipment.

Customers can select a package type when more than 1 is defined

Method 3: Package dimensions based on product tag

Customers on the ReturnZap PLUS plan and above have access to advanced package dimensions functionality based on product tags.

This allows for precise, product level dimensions and multi product cartonization logic, without the newed to define specific package types upfront.

Contact ReturnZap customer support for more information and to enable this feature.

How to add a box type in ReturnZap

Package types and dimensions can be defined in ReturnZap Settings > Shipping > Packages

Clicking Add Package will open a new window, allowing you to define a package type to save:

You'll be prompted for several pieces of information:

Package Name - Will display to the customer in the returns portal, along with package dimensions

Package Type - Select between rigid box, envelope, or soft package / satchel

Dimensions - Define the length, width, and height of the package type. Can be specificed in inches or centimeters. ReturnZap will use these dimensions when create return shipments with carriers.

Weight When Empty - Define the weight of the package when it is empty. ReturnZap will add this weight to the sum weight of the items being returned to retrive the most accurate shipping rates.

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