Changing the display order of return options

Default behavior

By default, the ReturnZap returns portal will display enabled return options in the following order:

  1. Refund
  2. Exchange
  3. Store Credit

Changing the display order

Display order can be accessed in ReturnZap Settings > Policies > Return Option Order

Changing the display order can be useful to incentivize exchanges or store credit and to reduce refunds.

To change the default display order in the returns portal, simply drag and drop the options available in Portal Display Order:

Be sure to save the page. Changes will immediately be reflected in the returns portal.

Display order with disabled return options

If only some return options are enabled, all display options will continue to display but any disabled options will be greyed out:

Sort order will still be determined by the Portal Display Order setting, but customers will only see return options which are enabled.

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