Shippo Setup Guide

ReturnZap users can now connect shipping accounts and generate Shopify return shipping labels through our direct integration with Shippo.

Customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia can all benefit from using Shippo.

What is Shippo

Shippo is a software solution which aggregates multiple shipping carriers into a single platform. Shippo provides access to over 85 carriers around the world, with options to connect your own shipping accounts (if you have one) or to ship using Shippo's turnkey carrier offerings.

Shippo offers several plan tiers - including a free plan, which gives immediate access to Shippo's negotiated shipping rates and carrier accounts for USPS, UPS, and DHL.

How The ReturnZap Shippo integration works

When creating return shipping labels through ReturnZap, Shippo operates behind the scenes. It does not have to be connected to Shopify, and you do not need to use Shippo for outbound shipping.

You will configure your shipping options within Shippo, and then generate an API key to connect Shippo to ReturnZap. All return label generation will be handled within ReturnZap.

We will rely on the Shippo carrier offerings in the background, to pull together proper shipping details and create a return shipping label.

Courier options through Shippo

There are two primary ways customers can choose to create return shipments using Shippo.

Use Shippo's global accounts

Shippo provides turnkey shipping accounts for several shipping carriers worldwide. If you choose to use this type of account, you will purchase return shipping labels through Shippo, and Shippo will handle all payment (not the carrier, and not ReturnZap).

Shippo currently offers global accounts in the following countries, for the following carriers:

United States

  • USPS (Domestic and international)
  • UPS (Domestic and international)
  • DHL Express (International only)


  • Canada Post

United Kingdom

  • Evri
  • Parcelforce


  • Colissimo


  • Deutsche Post


  • Sendle
  • CouriersPlease
  • Fastway

The carriers above are all available with Shippo-negotiated rates on all Shippo plans.

Connect your own shipping accounts

If you already have an established shipping account you wish to use for return shipping, you can connect this to Shippo in order to generate return shipping labels within ReturnZap.

Supported carriers include USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Australia Post (both MyPost and eParcel), Royal Mail, Colissimo, Mondial Relay, and dozens more.

Click here to see the full list of carrier integrations supported by Shippo.

Note: connecting your own shipping accounts typically requires a paid plan with Shippo. Labels generated this way on a free plan incur a $0.05 charge per label.

Configuring Shippo couriers

All carrier configuration can be managed within Shippo settings, using the "Carriers" page available under "Shipping" on the left hand navigation.

On the carriers page, you can access a list of all Shippo accounts available to you and enable/disable specific carrier accounts.

You can also connect your own existing carrier accounts using the +Connect Carrier Account button.

You will be able to filter or search for a specific carrier, enter your account credentials, and connect this to Shippo.

Configure carrier options within Shippo using the carriers page

Connecting Shippo to ReturnZap

Connecting Shippo to ReturnZap is a simple, 3 step process:

  1. Generate a production API key within your Shippo account
  2. Paste this API key into ReturnZap settings
  3. Select the carriers and service levels that ReturnZap will use to create return shipping labels

Generating a production API key in Shippo

  1. Navigate to your Shippo settings page
  2. On the left hand navigation, select API under the Advanced category
  3. Click "Generate Token" under the "Live Token" section
  4. Copy the API token that displays on the next page - this will be your only opportunity to view and copy the token

See Shippo's guide on managing API tokens here.

Pasting the API key into ReturnZap

  1. Navigate to ReturnZap Settings, and select the Integrations page
  2. Scroll down to the Shippo integration section
  3. Paste the API key into this section, and save the page
Paste the Shippo API key here, and hit save

Selecting carriers and service levels within ReturnZap

Once you save your Shippo API key, ReturnZap will automatically sync a list of shipping carriers and shipping methods available on your Shippo account.

Use the toggle buttons to enable/disable specific carriers, and expand the list to view available service levels for each carrier.

If no specific service levels are selected, then ReturnZap will consider all available services from the enabled carriers. We will automatically select the cheapest method from among the available rates.

If one or more service levels are selected, then ReturnZap will only consider these methods when comparing rates and will select the cheapest option from among them.

Testing return shipments in ReturnZap using Shippo

Once you have connected your Shippo account to ReturnZap and configured carriers and service levels, we strongly recommend that you initiate a test return to confirm that a return shipping label can be generated.

Read more about the ReturnZap portal test mode and how to create a test return here.

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