Sendcloud Set Up Guide

What is Sendcloud?

Customers based in the UK and Europe can generate return shipping labels through ReturnZap using our integration with

Sendcloud is a shipping integration and automation platform which offers turnkey shipping accounts in many countries, and also allows users to connect their own courier accounts.

Sendcloud offers various both free and paid plans as part of their plan structure. See here for Sendcloud plan pricing:

Registering for Sendcloud

If you don't already have a Sendcloud account, you will need to register for an account at the link below:

Note: When registering for Sendcloud, you will need to create either a UK account or a European account. You are not able to create shipments for UK and European carriers using the same account.

However, ReturnZap can connect multiple Sendcloud accounts. Contact support in order to configure.

You'll need to complete basic information about your company, your shipping addresses, and payment information.

You can find complete Sendcloud setup instructions on Sendcloud's website here.

Ship with Sendcloud rates

With Sendcloud, you have access to multiple carriers. Available carriers will vary depending on country of origin. Select a country and then select the carriers you want to ship with.

Sendcloud may activate several carriers for you by default. If you don't want to use those, you can always deactivate them.

Follow these steps to choose your carriers:

  1. Go to Settings > Carriers
  2. Click Enable to activate a carrier
  3. Click Disable to deactivate a carrier.

Ship with your own rates

If you have your own contract with a carrier that is supported by Sendcloud, you can add it and ship with your own rates. Note that this will require the Sendcloud Lite plan or above, and will also incur a per label fee.

To do this, go to Settings > Carriers > My contracts > Add my own contract > Find your carrier > Click Add contract.

Contract setup will vary by carrier. Sendcloud has instructions on how to add contracts for each carrier on their Carrier page.

Connecting Sendcloud to ReturnZap

Once you have configured one or more shipping carriers in Sendcloud, the next step is to connect Sendcloud to ReturnZap. You can do this by creating a Sendcloud API key.

How to obtain your API keys

  1. Login to your Sendcloud account and go to Settings > Integrations
  2. Find Sendcloud API in the list of integrations and click Connect
  3. Give the API integration a name (e.g. “ReturnZap API”)
  4. (Optional, to receive real time tracking updates) Enable Webhook feedback and enter the ReturnZap Webhook URL:
  5. Click Save
  6. Your API Public and Secret keys will be automatically generated.

Be sure to save the API keys once they are created because you will not be able to view them once you close the page.

Once you have your API keys, send them to ReturnZap support at so we can complete configuration.

ReturnZap can connect multiple Sendcloud accounts to a single ReturnZap account. This is useful if you have both a UK Sendcloud account and an European Sendcloud account and want to use them both to create return shipping labels.

Note: You cannot currently add Sendcloud API keys to ReturnZap directly. Please contact for assistance adding your Sendcloud keys once you have generated them.

Creating return shipping labels with Sendcloud and ReturnZap

Once a Sendcloud API key is connected to ReturnZap you can begin generating return shipping labels using your Sendcloud account.

Shipping labels will be created directly within ReturnZap, with no need to access the Sendcloud interface.

Through the ReturnZap / Sendcloud integration you can:

  • Enable or disable specific carriers and service levels
  • Set specific contract IDs if necessary.
  • Set carrier and service levels for specific origin and destination country pairs.
  • Configure shipping methods that allow for QR code or parcel shop dropoff, if available.

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