📢 ReturnZap Release Updates

June 12 2024

Enhancements to shipping status display on RMA page

We have added several enhancements to how shipment status is displayed to shop admins on the RMA page, in cases where a shipping label is created through ReturnZap.

Shipments created using our Sendcloud and Shippo integrations will now display full tracking status on the RMA page:

We have also improved the cancellation flow for shipments created through Sendcloud, Shippo, and Easypost. Return shipping labels are now easily cancellable using the icon marked "x", visible on hover.

June 5 2024

3 new return-level rule attributes added

We have added 3 new attributes for rules, which can be created based on attributes about the return being submitted:

  1. Total Return Value - Sum of sell price of all items within the return
  2. Total Return Weight in Grams - Total weight of the return, including item weights from the Shopify product catalog plus package weights. Note: ReturnZap default product weight will be used if no catalog weight exists. This can be defined in Settings > Shipping.
  3. Total Return Quantity - Total quantity of items within the return

These new attributes can be used in combination with any of the existing rule actions within ReturnZap.

May 29 2024

Return option display order can now be set in the returns portal

Shops can now change the default display order of refunds, exchanges, and store credit in the ReturnZap returns portal. This order was previously fixed.

Display order can be changed in ReturnZap Settings > Policy > Return Option Order by dragging and dropping return options to the desired display order.

(Beta) Webhooks now available for return events

We have released new webhook functionality in beta. Shops can now subscribe to webhook events when returns are created and/or when return status changes.

Webhook payload will include return status and detail about the return as well as return line items.

More information will be published shortly. Please contact ReturnZap support if you are interested in testing webhook functionality in beta.

May 24 2024

ReturnZap backend design updated to align with latest Shopify design guidelines

We have updated the look and feel of the ReturnZap backend to match the latest Shopify design guidelines.

This change only impacts the overall design of the app, functionality is not impacted. The customer facing returns portal is unchanged.

ReturnZap is proud to be an official Built for Shopify app, meaning we follow Shopify design principles and have designed our application to feel like a natural extension of Shopify.

Shops can now trigger email notifications for test returns

Returns created in Test Mode will now trigger test notifications to the staff email address configured in ReturnZap settings.

Previously, test mode returns did not trigger any email notifications. This new functionality will make it easier to test notification setup during initial configuration.

Customers whose orders are used for Test Mode returns will not receive any notifications. If you do not wish to receive test mode email notifications, you may leave the staff notification email address blank during testing.

Learn how to configure staff notification email address here.

Sendcloud return labels now support Sendcloud tracking updates and branded notifications

We have added support for branded Sendcloud emails and tracking updates for return labels created through the ReturnZap Sendcloud integration.

Please contact ReturnZap support if you would like to enable branded Sendcloud tracking emails.

Bug fixes and general improvements

We have released several under the hood enhancements to improve the overall merchant and customer experience.

May 6 2024

Staff email notifications now support multiple email addresses

Shops can now define more than one email address to receive staff email notifications when a return is submitted through ReturnZap.

Additional email addresses can be defined in Settings > Notifications > Staff Notifications. Email addresses should be separated with commas.

Sendcloud webhooks now supported for real time tracking updates

Shops using the ReturnZap Sendcloud API integration can now configure webhooks to receive real-time return tracking updates in ReturnZap.

Webhooks can be configured during the Sendcloud API key creation process by adding the following Webhook url into the Sendcloud interface:


Webhooks can also be added for existing Sendcloud API keys by clicking "Configure" from the Sendcloud Integrations page.

Learn more about configuring the ReturnZap <> Sendcloud integration here.

April 24 2024

Customer paid returns now supported when return requires approval

Shops can now offer customer paid return labels in the ReturnZap portal when a return requires approval. Previously the option for customer paid labels was suppressed when a return requires approval.

ReturnZap will authorize a charge on the customer's payment method and hold it for 7 days when a return is submitted for approval. Payment will be captured at the time the return is approved and a label is generated.

If the return is not approved within 7 days then the payment authorization will expire and the return will automatically be converted to a "self ship" return.

Read more about customer paid returns in ReturnZap here.

April 20 2024

Improved naming of return methods on staff email notifications

To reduce confusion, we have re-named the shipping methods displayed in staff notification emails when a return is submitted.

The three options for "Return shipping method" are now:

  • Prepaid
  • Paid
  • Self-shipping

New option to download and save QR codes in portal

Customers now have the option to click a button to download QR codes which are generated in the ReturnZap returns portal.

April 5 2024

Added new return rule attribute - location ID

The ReturnZap rules engine now supports rule attributes based on an order's original fulfillment location ID.

Using this new attribute, shops can create rules to route returns to different destinations based on the original fulfillment location.

The rule attribute uses a Shopify location ID as an input value. You can find these values in your Shopify account by navigating to Settings > Locations and clicking on a warehouse location.

The ID for this location can be found in the URL for the page:

March 20 2024

Order lookup now supports up to 200 order line items

ReturnZap now displays up to 200 individual order line items during the order lookup step within the returns portal.

This was previously capped at 50, resulting in some situations where customers were not able to initiate a return for the desired line items.

March 6 2024

Bonus store credit incentive now available!

To further incentivize customers to select store credit instead of a refund, ReturnZap now allows shop admins to configure bonus credit.

Your customers will see this credit as an option within the returns portal. If selected, this amount will be added to the credit issued to the customer when you process the return through the ReturnZap admin.

This feature is available on the ReturnZap Pro plan and above.

For more information on configuring this new feature see our setup guide here.

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